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Tyde and BMW are making waves in sustainable marine mobility with the introduction of their second electric boat collaboration, 'The Open.' Building on the success of their first endeavor, 'The Icon,' the new yacht promises to redefine climate-friendly hydrofoil luxury and become the largest in its class.

Measuring nearly 15 meters, 'The Open' incorporates cutting-edge electric car components from BMW, including dual 100 kW motors and a powerful 400 kWh battery. This collaboration highlights a commitment to high-performance and sustainable maritime travel, pushing the boundaries of innovation in the luxury yacht sector.

Tyde calculates an impressive 50 nautical mile range at a speed of 25 knots (46 km/h), showcasing the vessel's capability for efficient and eco-friendly long-distance cruising. The integration of hydrofoils, a feature also present in 'The Icon,' contributes to a significant reduction in energy consumption, reinforcing the commitment to sustainability.

Tyde has taken charge of the entire development process, from design to production and marketing. BMW, a key collaborator, not only provides e-mobility components but also lends design expertise through its subsidiary, Designworks. This marks the second successful project between the two companies, following the unveiling of 'The Icon' in May.

'The Open' is set to hit the waters with deliveries scheduled for the autumn of 2024. Christoph Ballin, Co-founder and Managing Director of Tyde, emphasizes the pioneering mobility the new model brings to the day yacht segment. The collaborative efforts of Tyde and BMW underscore their shared commitment to advancing sustainable maritime luxury.


'The Open' stands as a testament to the continued strides made in the partnership between Tyde and BMW. With innovation, elegance, and a dedication to environmentally conscious yachting, the vessel encapsulates their shared vision for the future of eco-friendly maritime travel. As the delivery date approaches, 'The Open' promises to dominate the seas, making a lasting mark on the landscape of sustainable luxury yachting.

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