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Sailing Dreams Set Sail: Monaco's Navicap Challenge Champions Inclusive Seas and Thrilling Triumphs

Promoting sailing inclusivity was the primary objective behind the inaugural Navicap Challenge - Trophée Elena Sivoldaeva, held in Monaco from December 1 to 3. Orchestrated by the Yacht Club de Monaco, the event concluded on the sunlit International Day of Persons with Disabilities, just ahead of Monaco's announcement on December 5 regarding the national inclusion of people with disabilities.

The overarching goal was to ensure an optimal experience for every participant. Bernard d’Alessandri, General Secretary of the Yacht Club de Monaco, expressed the club's commitment to providing everyone with the chance to savor the liberating sensation of being at sea. The regatta, a key element of Monaco's collective initiative 'Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting,' drew 60 sailors from various parts of Europe, including Spain, England, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Monaco. The second edition is already scheduled for November 20 to December 1, 2024.

The competition unfolded on Hansa 303s, designed to accommodate a diverse range of sailors, including those with disabilities. Thirty teams, comprising both amateurs and seasoned sailors, with or without disabilities, engaged in nine races at the base of the Rocher. The suspense reached its pinnacle on Sunday during the finals, culminating in a victory for Anne Marteau and Gaspard Laguibaut from Régates de Royan in the gold group. In the silver group, Virginie Lavigne and Tobias Thuiller from CEV Berk secured the top spot.

The awards ceremony featured an emblematic moment as flags were exchanged between the Hansa class and the Yacht Club de Monaco. Elena Sivoldaeva, a Yacht Club de Monaco member, expressed her gratitude, stating, “It was truly a victory for everyone. Thank you to the YCM for hosting it so well. You are all an excellent source of motivation.”

The genesis of the event traces back to Sivoldaeva's generous donation of two Hansa 303 boats to the club. Recently, she added an Echo 90 to the Monaco fleet, officially christened during a ceremony attended by Bernard d’Alessandri, Elena Sivoldaeva, and Jacques Pastor, responsible for sport at Monaco’s City Hall. The Echo 90, a 9m twin rudder catamaran sailing boat, is rigged as a ketch, open at the stern, and deemed unsinkable.

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