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Owner Representative

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When enlisted for any superyacht project, a yacht owner’s representative will always protect the client’s interests during the construction of this multi-million investment. He or she will liaise with and work alongside with the client’s project manager and other teams to keep the lines of communication open throughout the yacht’s build or refit project.


Essentially, the owner’s representative is there to monitor rather than manage the project, with there often being three key areas of responsibility:

1.Project coordination, liaising between vested parties: First and foremost, the owner’s representative will coordinate all project information moving between the owner and his/her designer, consultants, shipyard and subcontractors. It is his or her job to ensure clear communication and complete understanding with all parties, and make sure there is satisfactory follow up.

2.Design and planning, ensuring smooth operation of the yacht and its systems: Often a past or present captain or an experienced yachtsman, the yacht owner’s rep will also often have a role in keeping track of the yacht’s design details, system planning and equipment to ensure its smooth operation at sea.

3.Overcoming regulatory barriers to design and function: Finally, the OR will often be charged with facilitating the realization of the owner’s dream when faced with regulatory barriers and design difficulties. He or she must therefore look ahead and present planned solutions to any impending obstacles, liaising with regulatory bodies, designers and shipyards to find a workaround.

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